Legacy Care Home Memory Care and Dementia Services.

A close look at our Legacy Care Homes leaves people thinking “this is different”. It is different. Our homes are just that, homes. We are not a corporate facility where residents are another apartment or number in a massive chart.

Residents find the same restful, relaxing, comforts of home - away from home at Legacy Care Homes.

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We take care of things

Registered housing with services.

Legacy Care Home housing services serve seniors over the age of 55 with general disability, daily care assistance needs, or memory care needs. Our thriving, accessible, comfortable, family-style senior homes provide a real home.

Plenty of Space

An private unit in an accessible environment with wall-to-wall carpeting or wood flooring, window blinds, and bathroom. All residents have access to and use of all common areas, including kitchen, dining room, living room, porch, and decks. All bedrooms incude either private or semi private restrooms.

Storage unit.


A customized meal plan to suit resident's needs. Three home prepared meals per day plus snacks.


Housekeeping and laundry services including cleaning of bedroom, bathroom, and vacuum traffic areas. Also, personal laundry and linens.


Utilities, including heat, central air conditioning, electricity, water, sewage, garbage and waste removal, and basic cable television.

Outlets for private telephone use.


Assistance with transportation through insurance
Legacy Care Home also has a handicap accessible van that is used for transportation.

Recreation & Social

Recreational, health-related, and religious activities, including access to community and social events. Social Services resource and referral coordination as needed. Legacy will regularly bring in singers and piano players for entertainment. Along with staff providing daily activities, tailored to resident's needs.


There's a lot to this. You have questions.

We understand that the process is extensive, and you have many questions. We've answered a few of the common inquiries here. Reach out to us if you have a specific question we can address.

How many residents per house?

Each of our homes has between 6 and 8 residents. With double staffing during waking hours we have staff ratios of 3 or 4 to 1 which is one of the lowest in the industry. This allows for higher level of care and attention for our residents. Our staff also enjoys being able to give a higher level of care than larger facilities where there is pressure to see 12-18 residents per staff in some cases.

Does Legacy offer memory care?

Yes, Legacy specializes in dementia and memeory care. While we can accomodate all levels of care through end of life, we have staff trained in memory care and dementia patients and have come to specialize in this area.

Where are the homes located?

Legacy has three locations in Minnetonka, one in Golden Valley, and one in Watkins Minnesota. All are beautiful residential homes in very nice neighborhoods.

Does Legacy offer private rooms?

All of the bedrooms at Legacy are private with private or semi private bathrooms.

Are there nurses on site?

Our Director and owner, Catalina Hemp, is a registered nurse and spends time at all of the houses. Additionally, we have another RN who see our residents and oversees care with Cat. There is a nurse on call 24/7.

Can I visit my loved one?

We encourage visits and family interaction as much as safely possible. Unless mandated otherwise due to safety concerns, we offer semi private meeting areas for families and encourage time with loved ones.

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We are a family run home with excellent staff committed to compassionate, loving care.

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